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Frequently Asked Questions

Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Do I need to complete a Seasonal Flu vaccine if I'm starting my program in the summer?

No, RHCHP students starting in the summer will not be required to submit proof of a Seasonal Flu vaccine. Students will be required to submit documentation of Influenza in the fall semester. Complio will notify students when it is time to complete this requirement.

Why is the compliance deadline so early for the Seasonal Flu shot?

The Compliance Office does not set Flu deadlines; deadlines are set by your program department after reviewing the requirements set by clinical site affiliates.

My employer or Primary Healthcare Provider is not offering the Flu shot until after the compliance deadline and I don't want to pay out-of-pocket for this vaccine, what should I do?

We understand your dilemma but unfortunately we cannot accommodate your request for an extension. You are still required to meet the deadline set by your program department.

I'm pregnant / sick / have adverse reactions to the Influenza vaccine and my doctor has advised me not to receive the Flu shot, what should I do?

You will need to submit a Flu waiver form. All medical waivers must be accompanied by supporting documentation from your healthcare provider. We require your healthcare provider to explain the reason why you are exempt from receiving the seasonal flu vaccine.