Applicant Background Checks & Compliance Tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I provide copies of my original immunization records/employee health record or does it have to be on the form provided by Regis?

You can submit copies of your original immunization records/employee health records or the Regis Immunization form.

Where do I find Regis forms to complete my compliance requirements?

Students must purchase the required immunization package to obtain access to all forms. Once purchased, students will have access to all forms located under the “Get Started” tab in Complio.

My titer came back showing that I don’t have immunity. Now what?

You will need to submit documentation of a completed vaccination series by your compliance deadline.

Can I submit an immunization waiver?

Yes, you may request a medical exemption for an immunization requirement. All medical waivers must be accompanied by supporting documentation from your healthcare provider. We require your healthcare provider to explain the reason why you are exempt from receiving the specific immunization. Waiver exemptions are good for one year and must be renewed annually.